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May 2016


Debarking the 72″ Hickory Stave for Longbow

May 23, 2016

Below in the video I am debarking a 72″hickory stave to begin its journey as a 72″ English Longbow. This bow is destination is for the dad of the 10 year old lad I just tested the 60″ longbow for…Is great dad/Son bonding stuff..I know me and Nathan have done this for many years..

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Building and Test Shooting the 60″ Hickory Longbow

In these videos I am going through the bow making process from a raw hickory stave to a fully functional longbow. This bow’s destination is for a young lad about the age of 10. I have modified this draw weight to allow room for growth while still being in the draw weight range and draw […]

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testing the 72″ ash core 1.5 mil fiberglass backing

May 9, 2016

In these two videos Nathan and I are testeng the 72″ Ash Core 40 lb draw Longbow. The bow has a .5 mil fiberglass backing. Fast powerful bow and extremely smooth release.

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Forming the nocks on English longbow

in this video I am demonstrating a technique I often use for forming and cutting in the bowstring nocks on the longbow.

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