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June 2016

POSTS FROM June 2016

Forming the handles on English longbows

June 12, 2016

Form Fitted Handles for excellent fit..conforms to palm naturally. Allows greater control and comfort…and is darn good looking too..:)  

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June 5, 2016

My thanks and appreciation to my brother Sean LaBrake, my niece Cassie and nephew Anthony and Cassies boyfriend Corban all got real bust Memorial Day weekend…Sean donated 10 bails of straw for a good backer, along with sheets of OSB and 3 New target as the old face of the target backer board had become […]

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Working with Pacific Yew Longbow and 72″ Hickory Stave

June 3, 2016

BOW Nocks Hickory¬† bow tiller     72″ Hickory Longbow — Knifing down the bow

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