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January 2020

POSTS FROM January 2020

The Journey of YEW BOWSTAVE # 279-10

January 31, 2020

YEW REFLEX DEFLEX BOW BUILD STAVE # 279-10 VIDEO #1 VIDEO #2 Video #3 Video#4 Video#5 ***More Floor tiller and explanation Reflexing the tips on Yew bowstave #279-10 VIDEO #6 First Tiller and limb twist removal of Yew bow #279-10 VIDEO #7

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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #277-9

PLEASE FORGIVE ME I KEEP CALLING THIS YEW BOWSTAVE I had just finished #227. Its #277-9 Working here YEW BOWSTAVE #277-9 68″ Destination Traditional Folklore English Longbow (Mary Rose Era) Video #1 Bark removal and Layout Removing mass and create taper Floor tiller ****NOTE: Will continue tiller in upcoming videos! Beginning […]

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For Orders and Contact

January 10, 2020

If you are seeking info on bows/arrows Etc. Please email me at : Michael LaBrake Phone/ Whatsapp/viber Leave detailed text if don’t pick up +1505-659-1503 +1360-403-6557 Skype ID  celtimoon63

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