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Get the Perfect Traditional Longbow This Season

At An Unusually Low Price + FREE Shipping (VERY limited supplies)!

Hurry! You'll have to act fast because these bows are in very limited supply.

Since they are hand crafted, there is only one or two of each in stock, and once they're gone it'll take at least a few weeks to make one of them again.

If you're ready to get yourself or a loved one the perfect gift this holiday season, give them the experience of shooting a bow that's a piece of art and tradition.

Guaranteed money back

The best traditional longbows in the marketplace.

Only the highest quality staves

I believe bows are a work of functional art. I use only high quality staves that have potential to become high performance bows. I choose the best GRPI (Growth Rings Per Inch) and well seasoned or top quality board lumber for bows made from dimensional materials.

Tillered to perfection

I tiller the bow to a point that will ensure it won’t break at the desired draw length and will shoot with the most accuracy. The tiller is the fundamental process that will expose the stave qualities, capacity and symmetry that allow the bow to be safe.

Beauty and performance

I am committed to designing only the highest quality bows. Every bow is tested thoroughly to make sure it performs to meet the expectations of the client or customer and won’t break.

I am an expert bow maker.

I've made hundreds of bows from a wide variety of woods, and I know how to make something that shoots with incredible accuracy and lasts a long time.

I love bow making and the joys of shooting - and I want you to join in my life's passion!

Most importantly, in buying traditional bows, you're keeping an ancient art and tradition alive.

Thanks so much for visiting my page!

Michael LaBrake