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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #539A ***With Updated Video of Julia Norris Shooting her new bow!***

Yew longbow stave #539A – Julia Norris Shooting
Traditional Archery Champion shooter is enjoying the new 66″ yew longbow. She looks great with impeccable form as one should expect with her level of shooting experience! Thank you Julia to share your experience with us here at

RETILLER of Yew bowstave #539A
bow was returned as the draw weight was about 13 -15 lbs too much for Julia as she was expecting a bow of about 37-40lb @26″
We corrected that issue here you can see in the video


Watch the Journey of the bowstave #539A harvested from Graham Washington USA. My client Julia Norris ordered a 66″ English longbow
with a poundage ranging from approximately 37 to 40lb @ 26-27″
The bow was in its final stage as of June 30th 2017. Thank you Julia From the and the Traditional BowMan Team.

NOTE: I Apologize as Youtube has chosen to do what it wants with this’s not how I put it together and has the process in random arrangements. Looks like I will have to use my own editor and create it so youtube wont destroy it..not the first time its done this.

One response to “The Journey of Yew Bowstave #539A ***With Updated Video of Julia Norris Shooting her new bow!***”

  1. julia norris says:

    really enjoyed watching the process! I can’t wait to shoot it!

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