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Working with Pacific Yew

In these videos I am working on an English longbow made from a pacific Yew stave. This stave was moderately twisted and following it was definitely a challenge! Yew is an awesome wood for bow making but its very sensitive in how the the grain can be peeled away quickly. It knifes down very sweet and then too much very easily. Be very patient and cautious while knifing yew wood. Alternating between rasp and knife is critical for success. Another priority is the sapwood. Avoiding cutting into the sapwood otherwise risking the integrity of the growth rings and lose the much needed tension support of the 1/4 to 3/8 thick sapwood. Once the sapwood has been compromised the risk of breaking the bow elevates.

Yes The video is currently sideways. You can turn your laptop on its side to accommodate…:) Until the Editing is done, hehe

Other option…lay on your side…?









Here below are a compilation of shooting videos of my brother Sean and his son Anthony  (my nephew) getting some target practice at about 10 yards (30 ft). This is a private target practice area that I test all my bows that i build to see if they will make the criteria needed to allow them to be up for sale

Anthony is learning good form..and as you will see it was a lot of fun to video them while they become more acquainted with real traditional longbows that I recently tillered and they shoot very well…as you will see…
NOTE: I apologize as I am using a term incorrectly..I am in this video briefing the “archers Paradox” and I’m calling it the arrow paradox..I have no idea why. But experienced archers and archery trivia buffs will of course use it against me…loll…please forgive me for incorrectly applying the term for “Archers Paradox”.



FEB. 22, 2016

In this incredible presentation of Traditional bowmanship….there is proof that even the blind can shoot…actually all kidding aside Sean hits the target quite often and really loves to shoot the bow..

FEB. 28 , 2016
The gang is here again with a couple more shooters. One being my Lovely niece Cassie and her Boyfriend Corbin,
Cassie is a deadly shot with the horsebow and Corbin quickly got into the groove after a few rounds..
Using several different bows those consisting of either ash or hickory… was another fun day of archery

FEB. 28, 2016

More archery fun with Cassie and Corbin