72″ Mary Rose Folklore Yew English longbow 48-50lb@28-29″




This is a Mary Rose edition look alike , This is a much lighter version than the “actual specs” based on the bow used by the English navy in 1511 as issued by King Henry the VIII This bow is made of Pacific yew and is a powerful engIish longbow that has a draw wt of 48lbs @28 and up to 50lb @29+” draw. Water Buffalo horn nocks handcrafted in my shop and fitted, Very powerful. Very fast. Perfect for hunting. Comes with a bowstring cut for this bow. As mentioned above this is a very functional “folklore english longbow” designed for reenactment , renaissance activities and yes can be used for hunting and is NOT a 140-150lb Mary Rose Warbow used on the Mary Rose Warship.

***I suggest 32″ 500-550grn port Orford cedar arrows with at least 5″ turkey fletching . Let me know if you want a dozen of hunting of field target practice . Thanks to look at my bow listing.

****NOTE: THIS IS A “MODEL BOW”. NEW BOWS ARE MADE EVERY WEEK. THEY ARE ALL MADE WITH THIS LOOK AND STYLE WITH SLIGHT VARIETIES IN CHARACTER. ALL BOWS ARE MADE WITH PREMIUM QUALITY AUTHENTIC PACIFIC YEW. WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS BOW PLEASE ALLOW a 30-45 plus¬† DAY TURN AROUND (often much less as they are always in construction) If you desire the bow to be up to 70-80lb please message me and I will arrange that however prices will increase when hitting 70lb range.

****SHIPPING: Please discuss shipping fees with seller before purchase.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 4.0 × 4.0 × 76.0 in


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