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62″ Yew Flatbow 43-44lb@27/28

July 30, 2022


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The Journey of Yew Stave # 275 Transforming into a powerful 65-70lb English Longbow (Mary Rose Folklore Edition)

September 26, 2020

Follow the build of Yew bow # From raw stave to finished high performance English longbow! A New 72″ Yew English longbow tiller weight at about 70lbs@28. The bow is destined for my client Tim Zimmer. This bow performed like a champ on Sunday as Sean got a serious workout from pumping scores of rounds […]

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64″ 55/56lb@26″ Osage Recurve RH Shooter /JAKE ANTHONY MUNOZ

September 18, 2020

64″ RH Osage recurve bow for my friend and client Jake Anthony Muñoz, The bow pulls 55/56lbs@26″. Tip overlays of deer antler and arrow shelf build out of deer antler as well.Bow is coated in about 4 coats of tung oil. The bow proved itself very well and is a fast hard hitter. This bow […]

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Yew bows August and September orders

September 17, 2020

Mid July, August and September orders in final stages CLICK LINK FOR PHOTOS!

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60″, 66″ Osage bow test shoots

September 13, 2020

This link will have images (and more of them ) including VIDEOS of the shoots:

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66″ Yew Reflex/ Deflex Longbow , 53lbs@27.5 , Diamondback Rattlesnake Skin / Corey Fay

May 22, 2020

New 66″ RH Shooter, Yew reflex/deflex 53/54lbs@27.5. Diamiondback snakeskin, Buffalo horn arrow shelf and deerskin handle grip wrap. My signature artwork/design by clients request.Bow goes out to my friend and client Corey Fay in California. Great shooter. Got that video somewhere on these posts here. Very fast off the brace and super smooth draw and […]

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68″ Reflex Deflex Yew Longbow, Copperhead Snakeskin

April 25, 2020

68″ Reflex Deflex Yew Longbow, Copperhead Snakeskin 48-50lb@28 Please click the link below to view the bow and arrow set

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58″ Reflex Deflex Yew Longbow 40lb@27, Asian Ratsnake Skin

April 22, 2020

58″ Reflex Deflex Yew Longbow 40lb@27, Asian Ratsnake Skin Powerful, fast little shooter! The client LOVES this bow! ***Please click the link below to view the album of this bow

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