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November 2019

POSTS FROM November 2019

72″ Yew English Longbow 50lb@28 for Graham Hamilton UK

November 4, 2019

72 ” 50lb@28″ Pacific Yew English Longbow for Graham Hamilton, UK Bow build process Stave Rough out and tiller   Pre horn Test Shoot   Buffalo Horn Attachment and streamlined formed for shape/profile and string grooves   Comments from from Graham Hamilton: **This is the coolest darn thing I ever saw! All […]

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Yew Longbow 68″ reflex Deflex 50lb@28.5

A New Yew bow for my client Nick Sherman 68″ 50b@28.5 Prepping the staves Working/scaling the staves Yew bow stave process/bow Floor tiller further shaping taper and begin tiller Stages of tiller Pre Horn test shoots and pics

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68″ Yew Reflex Deflex 57lb@28 Longbow (Videos / pics)

Video: Yew Bow for Client Dick Kelly of Oregon. Here is some videos/photos of this new Yew bow in action and the process of that build. The bow pulls 57lbs @ 28. I hope you will enjoy these videos. These are the pre-horn test Tiller and test shoots. Click the links below to watch: Early […]

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