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72″ Yew English Longbow 50lb@28 for Graham Hamilton UK

72 ” 50lb@28″ Pacific Yew English Longbow for Graham Hamilton, UK

Bow build process Stave Rough out and tiller


Pre horn Test Shoot


Buffalo Horn Attachment and streamlined formed for shape/profile and string grooves


Comments from from Graham Hamilton:

**This is the coolest darn thing I ever saw! All bowyers should do this. Amazing to see the bow making process in this way. Looks like a beauty!

**beautiful stave, and what will be a beautiful bow. Brilliant. Don’t worry if it comes out at 45, that will be fine. Love it!

**Thanks for the latest, it’s a bow now! All the delicate work now. I’m more than happy to be patient, you’re doing an amazing job. Cheers, Graham


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