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July 2017

POSTS FROM July 2017

The Journey of Yew Bowstave #539B

July 30, 2017

Watch the process or “journey” of Yew bowstave #539B. This is the sister or other half of 539A. I ripped one big stave and produced two very high quality shooters! Watch the videos to see it happen! Customer “Michelle Disch” From Colorado is now the owner of #539B.

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Welcome to my world….

July 25, 2017

Another quick glimps into the daily work of a full time bowyer.. what a great life..I love it!

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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #599

July 14, 2017

Yew Bow #599 – The Final details Just a review on the best way to stringing up this bow with the horn nocks. The Bow was then oiled up, packed and sent off to Lou Cervello NOTE: Lou I must apologize as I was not able to get video of the oiling process on this […]

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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #539A ***With Updated Video of Julia Norris Shooting her new bow!***

July 1, 2017

Yew longbow stave #539A – Julia Norris Shooting Traditional Archery Champion shooter is enjoying the new 66″ yew longbow. She looks great with impeccable form as one should expect with her level of shooting experience! Thank you Julia to share your experience with us here at RETILLER of Yew bowstave #539A bow was returned […]

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