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July 2016

POSTS FROM July 2016

#534 Pacific Yew Bow stave on a Journey to be a powerful english longbow..

July 31, 2016

In this post I have the gradual developing process ….sort of incremental transformation of the #534 Pacific Yew bowstave I just got in from Medicine Bow Woods out of Orting, Washington USA…. View Videos Top Down… 534 yew bow stave bark removal Just a view of the general process in removing yew bark and membrane. […]

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Corban is testing the 72″ Black Walnut English longbow

July 25, 2016

Corban is on video here testing the new 72″ Black Walnut core english longbow This is the Z spliced bow core with hickory backing and osage handle cap and osage tip overlays. This bow tillers in at 50+lbs@ 28-30 inch draw. The bow will up for sale on Ebay (look for it) and will be […]

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Test shooting bowstave #530-5/ 62″ Pacific Yew Longbow “Little Big Man”

July 23, 2016

This bow is out of  the same stave (61″) Pacific Yew. I did a tip overlay with red oak and osage orange to achieve the additional inch or so and now is about 62 1/2″  so bow tips can be well shaped and allow a much classier look than little stubby nocks… NOTE: Watch the […]

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