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#534 Pacific Yew Bow stave on a Journey to be a powerful english longbow..

In this post I have the gradual developing process ….sort of incremental transformation of the #534 Pacific Yew bowstave I just got in from Medicine Bow Woods out of Orting, Washington USA….

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534 yew bow stave bark removal
Just a view of the general process in removing yew bark and membrane.

#543 Yew bow stave debarking cont.
Note: Please forgive my start off in this video…I was still half asleep and had to round up my camera man…lol

#534 yew bow stave shaping/rasping

#534 Yew bow stave working on limb shadow removal

#534 yew bow stave limb shadow cleanup cont.

#534 yew bow limb clean up /rough shaping

#534 Yew bow limb scraping and shaping

#534 yew bow– Fine tuning and floor tiller of bow limbs

#534 Pacific Yew bow stave.Working on floor tiller and tillering on tiller post. Checking for limb action and bending consistency. Then Checking for draw weight.

#534 yew Bowstave — cutting in the nocks then the Virgin Shot of the 72″ Pacific Yew longbow. Saturday 7/20/2016 #534 was a simple blank stave. Today 8/02/2016 the bow is tested and performed with excellence!

on the #534 Yew stave I’ve roughed in the handle and test shot it again to observe any potential changes in performance inclusive paradox action around the riser since that location is affected by handle forming. Following that I give the bow finish sanding and Tung oil finish.

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