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August 2017

POSTS FROM August 2017

Applying Diamondback Rattlesnake skin to hickory longbows

August 27, 2017

A simple way to apply real snakeskin backing to a longbow. I have used this method for several dozen longbows. Its very reliable system and usuallt ends up with product that both parties are pleased withh..Me and the Clients

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Follow the Journey of Yew Bowstave #719

August 25, 2017

Follow the entire process from a raw bowstave with a heavy side bend and the challenge that #719 has to deal with become a high quality /shooting english style longbow, This is the first part of this process. Another set of videos are comming following this to complete the bow. FIRST VIDEOS FINAL VIDEOS Follow […]

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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #740

August 9, 2017

Watch the stages of progression of Pacific Yew Bowstave # 740 as it evolves into beautiful powerful longbow. My client Kevin Dingus of Tennessee ordered a custom Yew longbow 50lb@29″ along with 12 custom 32″ port Orford Cedar arrows You can watch this and many many others on my web blogsite

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