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April 2017

POSTS FROM April 2017

Bow Lamination Process – Building a Black Walnut Core W/ Hickory Backing

April 30, 2017

below is a video covering the process of laminating a hickory backstrap to a piece of black walnut core. Along with osage handle cap and osage nocks and points Black walnut bow lamination- clamp removal and epoxy scrape down Blackwalnut core longbow- shaping limbs Blackwalnut/hickory back longbow-cutting in belly and fades Blackwalnut bow with hickory […]

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Building Yew bowstave # 550 — Updated

April 20, 2017

This Bow really became an amazing longbow. Powerful, very fast..and with natures beauty in the wood.. Test Shoot #550 Yew Bowstave Test Shoot #550 Yew Bowstave

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Yew Bowstave #579 – 68″ 60lb hunting longbow

April 13, 2017

This 68 “Pacific Yew Longbow #579 has totally proven itself as an amazing powerful bow. Testing through 3 different users with different height and draw ranges it performs FLAWLESSLY! NOTE: Bow development is followed by going from top to bottom in video order Yew bowstave #579 debarking the stave Yew bowstave #579 – shaping the […]

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Following the evolution of Yew Bowstave #584B

April 9, 2017

Debarking Yew Bowstave #584B This stave is the other half of #584 Yew bowstave that is now a high performing longbow and is in the hands of the wife of one of my top customers! You can see those videos if you look in the listed archives and you can see where I split the […]

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Making Yew Bowstave #112A into a powerful hunting Longbow

April 7, 2017

“Yew bow stave 112A -general” Yew Bowstave 112A discussing the Set in the stave Yew bowstave 112A shaping the stave Yew bow stave 112A – problematic areas typical on yew bowstave Yew Bowstave #112A working the limbs and priority spots Pacific yew bowstave #112A working down the knots and knifing belly Yew Bowstave 112A shaping […]

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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #110A

April 6, 2017

NOTE: BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS From Bottom to Top Test Shots #110A Video 5 Tiller and draw weight- checking limb performance Yew bowstave #110A test shooting Video 4 Yew bow stave #110A working belly cont.VIDEO 3 Yew stave #110A cutting out bow belly VIDEO 2 (got cut off go to VID#3) Yew bowstave […]

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