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Following the evolution of Yew Bowstave #584B

Debarking Yew Bowstave #584B
This stave is the other half of #584 Yew bowstave that is now a high performing longbow and is in the hands of the wife of one of my top customers!
You can see those videos if you look in the listed archives and you can see where I split the stave with a skill saw..

Yew Bowstave #584B – Finding center and locating priority points

The Video below coversĀ  yew bowstave #584B tillering limbs , limb check
Doing a limb check on #584B – floor tiller and checking for limb action and consistency or sounds that might suggest limb failure…NOTE Toward end of video you will see my brother Sean test shooting #584B
BUT…its Great success…Awesome and proves to take the pull and is incredibly powerful

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