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Category: Arrows

The Journey of Yew Bowstave #539A ***With Updated Video of Julia Norris Shooting her new bow!***

July 1, 2017

Yew longbow stave #539A – Julia Norris Shooting Traditional Archery Champion shooter is enjoying the new 66″ yew longbow. She looks great with impeccable form as one should expect with her level of shooting experience! Thank you Julia to share your experience with us here at RETILLER of Yew bowstave #539A bow was returned […]

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Shooting Pacific Yew Longbow

April 3, 2016

This Yew bow is just newly tillered and now being put through the paces to see how it holds up. I have yet to sand it and do finishing touches. There are videos of me actually building this very bow right here on the site . It came from a very twisted stave but I […]

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