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May 2017


Follow the journey of Yew bowstave #633

May 27, 2017

Yew bowstave # 633 In tiller and test shots, This yew stave became a great example of how a true “D” english longbow should look and perform Yew Bowstave #633 cont. shaping the limbs and floor tiller NOTE: More coverage on rasping, knifing and scraping the bowstave to a point of being bendable enough for […]

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3 Traditional English Longbows made from Pacific Yew (1100 AD Era) Follow their journey….

May 4, 2017

Tillering Yew bowstave 556 – Focus on the D” shape Shaping and tapering limbs Limb Shaping Working on creating the taper on Yew bowstave #556 In this video below you will see the preparation of 3 pacific yew bowstaves #556, 557, 558 , the 3 are destined to be shaped into 1100 era longbows with […]

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