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Follow the journey of Yew bowstave #633

Yew bowstave # 633 In tiller and test shots,
This yew stave became a great example of how a true “D” english longbow should look and perform

Yew Bowstave #633 cont. shaping the limbs and floor tiller

NOTE: More coverage on rasping, knifing and scraping the bowstave to a point of being bendable enough for floor tiller and for proper/equal limb movement in tiller post.

Yew Bowstave #633 Debarking, shaping the stave, Cutting belly and taper

A 72″ traditional longbow – historically correct to medieval era. My client Lou Cervello from New York ordered a 55 lb @ 30″ draw English longbow
These videos are the up to the general limb tapers

One response to “Follow the journey of Yew bowstave #633”

  1. Lou Cervello says:

    Awsome bit of teaching and explanation of stages of progress! Watching my bow come to life was exciting and just as exciting when I released my first arrow!!!! Great work , bow shoots first rate !!

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