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Yew Bowstave #579 – 68″ 60lb hunting longbow

This 68 “Pacific Yew Longbow #579 has totally proven itself as an amazing powerful bow. Testing through 3 different users with different height and draw ranges it performs FLAWLESSLY!

NOTE: Bow development is followed by going from top to bottom in video order

Yew bowstave #579 debarking the stave

Yew bowstave #579 – shaping the stave -limb taper

Yew bowstave #579 – floor tiller

Yew bowstave #579- further shaping limbs and tiller

Yew bowstave #579- tiller the bow limb check

Yew bowstave # 579 – tiller and draw weight check

Yew bowstave #579 – Additional testing of bow

Yew bowstave #579 – more test shooting

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