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The Journey of Yew Bowstave #599

Yew Bow #599 – The Final details
Just a review on the best way to stringing up this bow with the horn nocks. The Bow was then oiled up, packed and sent off to Lou Cervello
NOTE: Lou I must apologize as I was not able to get video of the oiling process on this bow..but it’s beautiful!

Yew Longbow #599 – Polish Horns , Test Shoot
covered the sanding prep process for polishing the buffalo horn.
Polishing compound application and use, buffing process.
Virgin test shots…bow shot fast, smooth

Yew Bowstave #599 – mount horn nocks, Cut in string grooves, final tiller
Final processes to complete yew bowstave #599 for Lou Cervello , Preparing now for test shooting

Yew Bowstave #599 – Tillering The bow
The next phases of the journey of yew bowstave #599 for my client in New York State, Lou Cervello
in these videos the bow is being tillered checking limb movement, and the general weight in the expected range .
This bow is scheduled to be an 1190’s Era 45lb@30″ 72+inch longbow

Yew Bowstave # 599 Next phases of Development Video group 2
Bow general layout and marking.Further shaping and mass reduction. Using bandsaw to trim the taper and bulk off the belly. Knifing and rasping around key locations on the limbs. Beginning to shape handle area.

The beginning phases for Lou Cervello’s 45lb@ 30 Draw , historically correct English longbow

7 responses to “The Journey of Yew Bowstave #599”

  1. Lou Cervello says:

    This is my second bow made by mike , exciting to watch this piece of history develop on the videos mike uses to explain each stage, . I’ve gained much insight into bowmaking and am intrigued how a piece of wood becomes a fine instrument by mikes talant!!!

    • Michael LaBrake says:

      thanks so much Lou. You are a great customer, a friend and a man who appreciates history and values the simple things that made us valiant in all the generations of man to the current time. We need more aware and appreciative people like you who have taken the time to become educated in these areas of life.

  2. Louis cervello says:

    Great video on the horn knocks mike,bow looking awesome , limbs look very uniform and it defiantly looks like it’s gonna be fast!!!!! Beautiful natural character with natural humps and bumps!

  3. Louis cervello says:

    Mike,received bow yesterday and it’s Awesome! Lossed a couple shoots comfortable and fast,floated a coat of wax on her and boy did those grains pop! Just as beautiful as the first bow! You guys are great Americans!!!!!!!

  4. its no problem Lou..I’m here to help in any way I can for my clients/friends …the connection doesn’t end with the closing of the sale…otherwise I would settle for working at Walmart…lol..
    its real cool how you take such devoted care of your yew bows my friend..

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