Reflexed Traditional 66″ Ash Bow – King Cobra Snakeskin Backing


  • $100 OFF the normal price + FREE shipping! (ready to be shipped within 48 hours)
  • Only ONE in stock – this is hand made and will sell quickly.
  • Reflexed ash reflex / deflex bow made from a high quality stave
  • Draw weight: 45-48 lbs at 28-29″
  • Buffalo horn tip overlays and buffalo horn arrow shelf
  • King cobra snakeskin backing from Thailand, and hand painted designs around the handle





Bow is made from a high quality natural ash stave.

Has buffalo horn tip overlays and buffalo horn arrow shelf build out. King Cobra snakeskin backing (from Thailand) and some paint doodles to make it interesting, intertwined serpents design. All hand painted with quality durable paints. No markers used.

Several coats of poly finish. This bow has shot about 500 rounds through it and at full draw. It’s a great shooter.

Best if used 450 – 500 grn arrows spined 45/50#

NOTE: “Bow is ready , in stock and available to ship within 48 hrs of purchase.”


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