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Hello and welcome to the world of traditional archery! Many of you are from the fast growing group of traditional bow user and even some of you are traditional bow makers. Traditional longbow and recurve or horse-bow has once again been revived and taken the globe by storm. Yes many of you are already deeply acquainted with this ancient weapon and it will be a pleasure to have you along this journey as we celebrate the love affair with nature and physics.

Those of you with fresh eyes in the traditional archery world will have a new view and experience even if you have had time on a compound’s another experience and skill totally separate from the pulleys and parts and mechanics of a modern bow. It’s like starting over.

I hope to bring together on this site many archers and bowyers to express their ideas developed by years of experience and practice in the field. It will be incredible to see the accumulation of knowledge and the chance for newer archers or those without any knowledge but have an eye for such a venture to learn about the great skill of archery either just shooting or learning the principles derived from history.

Archery really comes from the practical sense as it allows distance to be in your favor by closing the gap between hunter and prey or warrior and enemy. It’s interesting to see where use of the bow has evidence all over the planet simultaneously. From the tribes of Ganges Khan to Attila the Hun the Roman Army, The mighty English Archers to the deep forests of South America and the famed use of the bow in every sense of the word by the Native American Indians.