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#539 Pacific Yew Bow stave –From raw stave to powerful 72″ Longbow

In this post is the transformation of the #539 Pacific Yew Stave to a 47lb @28 English Longbow
The videos are in order from bottom of post to the top
I hope you will enjoy..videos are not staged or prepared..just natural on the spot as things really happen…

VIDEO 7 #539 yew bow stave 72″ longbow 45lb virgin shot

VIDEO 6 –#539 yew bow stave at tiller post

VIDEO 5– #539 yew bow stave limb shaping cont.

VIDEO 4 – #539 yew bow stave working the limbs

video 3 #539 yew bow stave cont. Knife down

Video 2 #539 yew bow stave squaring up the stave

VIDEO 1 – Removing bark from #539 Pacific Yew bow stave

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