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#584 Pacific Yew Longbow Test shooting and bow making process

Being shown here is a 64″ Pacific yew longbow tillered to about 40lb @ 26 or 27″ draw. My lovely niece Cassie is demonstrating the bow. The bow will go to the wife of a customer of mine in Montana.

Check out the process:
The #584 bowstave 64″ long was wide enough to make 2 bows. I was avoiding having a deep dimple ( limb shadow) that would cause the bow to split when being bent..cutting in half solved the problem..
there is already a beautiful performing bow right now! Video below..

One response to “#584 Pacific Yew Longbow Test shooting and bow making process”

  1. Julia Norris says:

    Yes, 37#@ 26-27″
    66″ amo
    Need your paypal email to send payment

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