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Building a 72″ 55-60 lb English Longbow W/Diamondback Snakeskin

The videos are set up from bottom of page to the top for proper sequence.

Masking and gluing underlayment for Diamondback snakeskin

Applying the Diamondback Rattlesnake skin on the back of this 72″ hickory longbow

A description of the steps concerning the process of applying diamond back rattlesnake skin on the back of this 55-60lb Hickory longbow

Hickory longbow – virgin test shot

First time shoot for this 72″ 60lb longbow

Hickory longbow – stringing the bow ,
The Virgin stringing of the 55-60 lb longbow,

Hickory longbow cutting in the nocks- how they should look and function

Hickory longbow- shaping the nocks

Hickory longbow – working the nocks/bow tips cont

Hickory longbow working the limbs cont.
Using the 36×4 belt sander to refine the fades and take more material off as the bow gets closer to desired draw weight

“Working the fades and tapers on 72″ hickory longbow”

Marking out the fades for the limbs on the 72″ hickory longbow

This following video is a video that shows my new workshop for The Traditional Bowman..I FINALLY get to use it for my bowmaking and keep out of the rain…lol!
However, I am also discussing the beginning process of the 55-60 lb English longbow that a customer from Alberta Canada ordered. I did goof on explaining the poundage for the bow..I was SUPPOSED to say 55-60lb. But I instead said 60-7o-lb…

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