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Pacific Yew bowstave # 565 On it’s way to become a 60lb English longbow

Debarking and shaping the stave .# 565 Pacific Yew bowstave is starting the journey to become a 60lb English longbow. This is a custom order from an active archer John Klein in Oregon

Pacific Yew bowstave #565 continued. Working the limbs

#565 yew bowstave is tillered for draw and weight 60lb @ 29-30″

First test shots for Pacific yew longbow #565 stave’

Sean LaBrake test shooting #565 Pacific Yew Long bow

More shots w/#565 yew bow

4 responses to “Pacific Yew bowstave # 565 On it’s way to become a 60lb English longbow”

  1. John Klein says:

    Awesome Michael! Thank-you for making video of the bow! Very high quality craftsmanship!

  2. John Klein says:

    Nice job on taking growth rings and sap wood off bow. Slow and steady pays off. You do perfection Michael!

  3. John Klein says:

    Very nice shots Michael! Your a sniper! Bow turned out fantastic!

  4. John Klein says:

    Nice shooting Sean! Buried those arrows

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