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Building and Test Shooting the 60″ Hickory Longbow

In these videos I am going through the bow making process from a raw hickory stave to a fully functional longbow. This bow’s destination is for a young lad about the age of 10. I have modified this draw weight to allow room for growth while still being in the draw weight range and draw pull that is workable for a young growing boy….

The final testing on the 60″ longbow destined for a 10 year old lad. I have tillered this bow to have some flexibilty up to 27″. But suitable for this young man as his current max draw is 22″ and about 20-23lbs. At 27 is close to 34-35lb…This gives room for growth as he will be sprouting up and this bow can last him during these growth periods. Next the bow is up for handle refining and sanding, paint/trim and Western Diamondback Snakeskin as requested..


2 responses to “Building and Test Shooting the 60″ Hickory Longbow”

  1. Michael & Son says:

    The lad loves watching the movie. Awsome. he can’t wait to try the bow himself
    Happy Memorial Day

    Michael & John

    • mplabrakebowman53 says:

      Thanks so much for posting here Michael.. I’m now preparing handles, finish sanding and diamondback rattle snakeskin..
      Won’t be too long..Both bows are turning out very well..

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